15 Cute Makeup Brushes You Will Want In Your Bag

Have you noticed a sudden influx of adorable makeup brushes all over your Instagram feeds? Me, too. From glitter to mermaid tails, it seems like they’ve come up with just about every style you could possibly want! If you aren’t sure which set to get your hands on yet, check out these 15 cute makeup brushes that you will definitely want in your bag.

1. Glitter Handles

These glittery purple brushes are everything. From contouring to concealing, your makeup routine will be more sparkly than ever.

2. Rose Gold

Rose gold makes just about everything fancy. These beautiful makeup brushes also have a light pink brush, which is a cute added touch.

3. Rainbow

These rainbow makeup brushes will look absolutely amazing when displayed on your vanity! They also come with a good amount of brushes for your eyes, too, so you will seriously have a brush for every makeup item!

4. Mermaid Tails

Do you secretly wish you were a mermaid? Well, you are going to absolutely love these cute makeup brushes! They have gorgeous mermaid tails, turning your daily routine into something straight out of The Little Mermaid.

5. All White

A classic white is so chic. These white and gold makeup brushes come in a set of 15, so they are definitely worth the buy.

6. Sleek Rose Gold

Again, rose gold looks fabulous on everything. These sleek rose gold makeup brushes will make you feel so glam.

7. White Unicorn

These white unicorn brushes are so magical. Snag these for you or your unicorn frappe loving friend.

8. Pretty in Pink

If you aren’t looking to get too adventuresome, go pink! These pretty pink brushes come in just about every style you would need, too, so you will have every department covered.

9. Rainbow Mermaid

These rainbow mermaid brushes are the perfect gift! They even come with their own carrying case.

10. All Green

All green is a fun way to go for makeup brushes! If pink isn’t your thing, these are the brushes for you.

11. Roses

Beauty and the Beast, anyone? These rose brushes are the prefect addition to your makeup bag!

12. Chrome Lollipop

These lollipop brushes give the best grip for contouring and highlighting!

13. Pink Glitter

These pink glitter makeup brushes are the cutest! (Although you may get distracted by how cute they are and forget to finish your face.)

14. Tiffany Blue

You can never go wrong with Tiffany blue! These shiny makeup brushes will go along perfectly with your Tiffany blue decor.

15. Diamond Gradient

These diamond gradient makeup brushes are so fun! You might even have more fun getting ready than actually going out.


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